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Our Services

We provide one on one, face to face or online coaching services in Egypt, the Arab world, and around the globe. We can coach you in English or Arabic.

One on One Coaching

These are coaching sessions for only one client (coachee) at a time. The sessions’ subjects are tailor made for each client. In other words, the client is the one who specify the subject.

Group Coaching

These are Coaching sessions for a small group of people –ideally 4 to 6- at a time. The sessions’ subjects are pre-announced and pre-specified. Exercises take place in these sessions to enforce the topic covered.

Blog and News

Kheper team are always excited to share their experience with their clients for more benefit.

The heart ALWAYS knows!

Did you ever have a feeling that something wrong may happen, but you decided to ignore that feeling? Did your heart ever tell you that this is the last time you will be meeting that loved one, but you[...]

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Responsibilities vs Yourself

How it starts? Responsibilities is the key. You live happily and freely till you start being responsible to other people. At this moment you start giving up being you, claiming that you are responsibl[...]

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Even a coach needs support! (Our Riseup Summit 2017 experience)

The RiseUp summit is one of the largest gatherings of entrepreneurs in the region. It includes talks, sessions, workshops, and many other activities.  As a startup company, our team is always in [...]

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Videos is one of the preferred means for Kheper, to deliver to our clients everything they need to know about coaching.


Heart warming words from our dear clients

When you suddenly stand at crossroads with eyes full of confusion and despair, you feel that someone should just push you in any direction to get rid of this battling thoughts in your mind! Life coaching was the answer, yet it didn't give me sun-clear solutions in a silver plate, but rather walked me through my agony with easiness and eye-opening questions that no-one but myself should answer. My own realizations guided me to myself again and taught me that you are you, and there is no one else who holds your unique attributes; you’re so irreplaceably valuable to the world. You don’t have to fit any specific mold if you don’t want to, celebrate your talents, take the rein of your own decisions and excel only if you appreciated who you are. Thank you Naela for the guidance, patience and the superpower to listen! Rasha Samir
Naela was my life coach. She is very professional, understanding and knows what shes doing. She is pretty supportive and never pre-judges whatever said. She has certainly brought peace and balance in my life. Mai Esmat

Our Team

Kheper consists of two certified and experienced partners in the coaching field : Naela Omar and Batoul Gamaleldin.

A very talented member

Batoul Gamaleldin

Co-Founder | Life Coach

ICF Certified Coach

Naela Omar

Co-Founder | Life Coach

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