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Come Back to Life!

Have you been through a devastating break-up/divorce, or maybe still going through it?

Do you feel like you lost your life, and unable to go on? That's what we are here to help you with.

Who We Are...

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Our coaches received proper education in academies certified by the ICF.

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recognized for our expertise

Kheper was founded in 2015. And since then we have worked with many clients who were satisfied by our exceptional services.

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We care

We genuinely care about the well being of our clients. We exert all the effort needed at our side to help them reach their desired happiness.

Our Expertise

We are experts in deep coaching. We provide services for those who are going through a huge transformation with their lives, specially dealing with loss and grief.

  • Divorce & breakup
  • Losing a loved one
  • Losing a job
  • Travelling

What Our Clients Say About Us

read our 5-star reviews

I had some problems which seamed impossible to solve. But after I talked to Naela for a few sessions she inspired me to find a connection with myself which became a base in my day to day life. She is decent with unique skills. I am grateful that I worked with her.

- Chi Banh

Naela was my life coach. She is very professional, understanding and knows what shes doing. She is pretty supportive and never pre-judges whatever said. She has certainly brought peace and balance in my life.

- Sharlene Rose

When you suddenly stand at crossroads with eyes full of confusion and despair, you feel that someone should just push you in any direction to get rid of this battling thoughts in your mind! Life coaching was the answer, yet it didn't give me sun-clear solutions in a silver plate, but rather walked me through my agony with easiness and eye-opening questions that no-one but myself should answer.

- Lorna Alvarado

Our Services

We provide the following services online;

  • "Come Back to Life" is a 12 weeks program that helps those who have been in a devastating divorce feel alive & happy again. The program is for $1997
  • 4 Sessions package this is a generic package for anyone interested in our transformational coaching services. The package costs $375
  • Consultation session In case you are stuck in a decision and you need an experts advice (relationships, divorce, breakup). The session costs $149.

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Your Tailored ​Offer


If you believe you cannot afford our services, ​you have to learn more about “Your Tailored ​Offer” initiative...

The idea of a specially tailored offer started ​by a spiritual journey that Naela is going ​through that led to many revelations, and ​decisions, this was one of them. Learn more ​here...

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